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The Wisconsin Law Review (ISSN 0043-650X) is published six times a year at the University of Wisconsin Law School, Madison, Wisconsin. The subscription price is $40.00 per year to all domestic addresses (including U.S. territories). The Subscription price is $45.00 to all foreign addresses. To receive a complete volume (six issues), the Wisconsin Law Review must receive payment no later than January 15th of the volume year. Subscribers who pay after that date are not guaranteed to receive previously published issues.

Back Volumes

The cost for a back volume is $50.00. Back issues for the current volume  are available for $10.00 each. Back issues and back volumes prior to 2005 can be obtained from William S. Hein & Co., 1285 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14209-1987. Claims for non-receipt of issues will be filled at no charge if the claim is made within six months of the issue’s publication date.

Customer Service

For new orders, address changes, cancellations, renewals and other subscription questions, please contact the Business Editor, Ashley Brown. Please include your account number with all correspondence.