Volume 2007, No. 2


Symposium: Intimacy, Race, Marriage, and the Meanings of Equality: Perspectives on the 40th Anniversary of Loving v. Virginia

Loving and the Legacy of Unintended Consequences
Rachel F. Moran


Taking the “Garbage” Out in Tulia, Texas: The Taboo on Black-White Romance and Racial Profiling in the “War on Drugs”
Kevin R. Johnson


There’s Just One Hitch, Will Smith: Examining Title VII, Race, and Casting Discrimination on the Fortieth Anniversary of Loving v. Virginia
Angela Onwuachi-Willig


Loving Across Borders: Immigration Law and the Limits of Loving
Jennifer M. Chacon


Queer as Black Folk?
Catherine Smith


Loving Indian Style: Maintaining Racial Caste and Tribal Sovereignty Through Sexual Assimilation
Carla D. Pratt


Regulating White Desire
Reginald Oh


From Tainted to Sainted: The View of Interracial Marriage as Cultural Evangelism
Rashmi Goel


The Aftermath of Loving v. Virginia: Sex Asymmetry in African American Intermarriage
R. Richard Banks


Lovin’ the Man: Examining the Legal Nexus of Irony, Hypocrisy, and Curiosity
Camille A. Nelson