Volume 2007, No. 6


Bayh-Dole: Wisconsin Roots and Inspired Public Policy
Carl E. Gulbrandsen



Habeas Without Rights
Jared A. Goldstein


A Critical Reassessment of the GAO Bid-Protest Mechanism
Robert S. Metzger & Daniel A. Lyons



Wisconsin Confidential: The Mystery of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s Decision in Burbank Grease Services v. Sokolowski and Its Effect upon the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, Litigation, and Employee Mobility
Michael Ahrens


A Tale of Two Sovereigns: The Implications of Dairyland Greyhound Park, Inc. v. Doyle on Tribal and State Self-government
Kyle S. Conway


Fisticuffs in Free Markets: Municipal Exemptions to Wisconsin Antitrust Law After
Andy DeClercq